Oh, hello.

"And I don’t think I’ll love someone else the same
For now everything is temporary, another way to feel relieved
And I don’t think that I’ll ever truly be happy
But one day I’ll see clearly, and ill find my peace.”

"I don’t care if you don’t want me cause I’m yours yours yours."

Guess I’ll just cuddle with ghost.

"Maybe you didn’t want a song, or a poem, or a rhyme. But I only feel completely honest when I’m writing these lines. My heart yells at me “why aren’t you putting up a fight? This is why you lose everything,” and I tell him “You’re right.”"

"Do you miss me on cold nights, When there’s nothing to keep you warm?
Am I awake in your dreams? ‘Cause I cannot seem to sleep anymore.
And I know it seem like such an impossibility,
Because I know the difference from my dreams and our reality.
Now those three words pierce my heart every time that I see
That someone else could fall in love the way you did with me.
And I feel like I’ve failed you if I couldn’t get you to believe
That I tried so hard for us, I wanted to make you happy.
But all I am is just a faded memory.
A conversation piece, if you remember me at all,
‘Cause I remember your loving eyes, and how your hair would fall
I would brush it all back behind your ears, and we would lay in the dark as I tell you all my fears,
And how all I ever wanted was a place to call home,
And in your arms was where I felt so safe from the cold.
Now I’m freezing in this bed, but I know I’m not alone,
Because the memory of you just wont let me go.”