How terribly sad it must be to realize you are falling out of love with someone. It’s just something I was never able to do. Even when I know I should let go, I leave the embers to smolder. And on the nights that it should keep me warm I just choke up fumes instead. “I missed what I was supposed to learn, as all I learned about was missing you.” Does anyone mean it when they say forever? I doubt it, but I’ll believe it with all my heart the next time I hear it all the same. I’ll love you like I was never burned, I’ll take the fire I’ve been kindling and turn it into something beautiful for you.

Always tired, always sad music, nothing ever changes.
Timber Timbre
"I dreamt you found me out in a field
You tripped over my site
And you dug me out of a shallow grave
With your Swiss Army knife

And only you could revive me
So badly decomposed
I was bone-white, dry and scaly
But you still took me home”

New Damien Rice album on the way, I so can’t wait to be so sad.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Medley 8bit Style Came across this video and decided to make gifs of it.

Doughnut Witch <3

Looking forward to Olivia Jean’s new solo album Bathtub Love Killings.